Ismael Trone

Ishmael Trone is a licensed CTEC tax preparer and Notary Public who has served the Pasadena community as a businessman and entrepreneur for over 30 years. From 1981-1999 he coordinated program and administrative services for a private non-profit organization contracted with the California Department of Education to disburse federal and state funds to licensed childcare facilities. During that period, he disbursed over 40 million dollars to day care home providers and childcare centers to serve nutritious meals to community children. In 2000 he developed F&M, a taxation and real estate company to provide quality business services to a community with limited business resources. In 2009, he founded Ideal Youth Incorporated to provide summer internship and entrepreneur opportunities to high school and college students

Throughout his professional career, as an entrepreneur he has partnered with investors in various real estate ventures, assisted numerous clients in creating various successful businesses and has assembled a network of highly skilled professionals to provide the community with a wealth of business resources. He also has civic duties with the City of Pasadena as the Chair of a redevelopment advisory body, vice-chair of a community development committee and committee member for the Rose Bowl renovation project. Organization affiliations include Board Member of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.

Member Designation: Business Professional at F&M Business Center